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  1. How do I find out what advancements my scout should be working on?

Each Den meeting includes a time to cover the current advancements of each Scout as well as what to be working on next. Even during the summer months, the Scouts can be working on their advancements!

You Den leader will help to track your advancements and should be your first contact if you have questions. Your rank handbook is also your primary written resource at your disposal. Of course, if you have any questions about how to navigate the handbook, talk with your Den leaders.


1.  When should a scout wear his uniform?

  • Wear the Class A (full uniform) to all indoor scout events. Generally, it is suggested that beads, totems, neckerchiefs, slides, and other dangly items only be worn to Den meetings, Pack meetings, and official flag ceremonies. The Class A uniform requires closed-toe shoes. No crocs.
  • Wear only the uniform shirt to school on Pack meeting days. Do not wear the neckerchief/slide. The boys will receive participation beads for these days, so please remind them.
  • Wear only the uniform shirt on campouts at sunrise and sunset flag ceremonies. Neckerchief/slide is optional, but recommended.
  • Wear only the uniform shirt while on route to campouts. No neckerchief/slide. This is required by Boy Scouts of America.
  • Wear only the uniform shirt while fundraising (e.g. popcorn, camp cards). Neckerchief/slide is mandatory.
  • Wear the Class B (pack T-shirt) to all outdoor scout events, like campouts, service projects, cub mobile, and swim activities.
  • In Pack 516, the hat is optional, but recommended with the Class A uniform.
  • Don't forget to remove the uniform at all other times. :-)

2. Where do I place the patches on my scout's uniform?

Pack 516 follows our district's Insignia Guide. Search for "insignia guide" at Other info relating to the uniform can be found at

The unit veteran bar between the district patch and pack numerals is optional, but highly recommended. The Scout shop will look up the veteran number (i.e. years the Pack has been in service) that you'll need.

Be proud of the uniform and your scout's achievements!

3. How do I prepare for a uniform inspection?

At least once a year, Pack 516 has an official uniform inspection. It is highly recommended that Scouts and Leaders wear their uniforms properly at all times. During the inspections be especially prepared.



Leaders should model both the behaviors and appropriate attire that we expect to see from the Scouts.

4. I need to assemble a uniform, but don't have the money for everything.

You're in luck! Contact Deborah DiStasi on the Pack Leadership page to see what our Pack uniform closet has in stock at this very moment. You just never know. Don't be shy!

5. I have an old uniform that I'd like to pass along to a Scout that needs one.

Our illustrious pack hosts a uniform closet where you can pass along everything from your shirt, pack and den numbers, to your neckerchief for a pack member in need. Contact Deborah DiStasi from the Pack Leadership page. If you have items you no longer need that are in good shape, don't let them go to waste!


1. What is a Den meeting?

In Pack 516, Den meetings are held typically twice a month on the first and second Tuesday. The number of meetings is based on need and is at the discretion of the Den leader(s).

Dens are grouped by age and work on achievements and activities particularly suited for that age. The Dens work together to attain their rank from the rank's handbook. So, for example, a Bear den works throughout the school year to achieve the Bear rank badge.

Dens often meet at Richardson East Church of Christ, but occasionally will meet offsite to work on a specific achievement or to visit a specific location.

The duration of this meeting is 1 hour.

2. What is a Pack meeting?

All members of Pack 516 meet together typically once a month for various reasons: communication of the upcoming scouting events, scouting traditions, completing achievements, and being awarded achievements. Pack 516 meets in Yale Elementary's cafeteria.

The duration of this meeting is 1 hour.

3. What is a Committee meeting?

The committee for the pack is intended to manage operations and make all primary leadership decisions under the head of the committee chairman. Anyone in the pack may attend this meeting. In fact, we encourage parents to get involved and help to make decisions regarding the scout program for their kids. The committee meets once a month on the first Monday.

All Den leaders are part of the committee.

The duration of this meeting is 1 hour in most cases.

4. What is the Round Table?

Each arm of Scouting meets together once a month (2nd Thursday) per district.

North Trail District Round Table

A den is assigned to a Round Table each month. Check the Duty Roster.

The duration of this meeting is 1 hour.


1. How do I get in contact with my Den leader? Who is my scout's Den leader?

Refer to the leadership document to contact the leader of your Den. Also, each Den meets twice a month, at which time you may ask questions of your leader. Once your Scout is registered and part of a Den, your leader will remain in contact with you throughout the year.

2. Where can I find more information about Scouting?

The Links menu provides links to helpful resources in all levels of scouting.

3. Explain the organizational structure.

While it can be quite overwhelming in the beginning, the organizational structure within Boy Scouts of America is actually straight-forward:

- Each den is in one pack

- Each pack is in one district

- Each district is in one council

- Many councils comprise the Boy Scouts of America

Different activities are sponsored by different levels of the organization.

4. Who are the leaders of my pack?

Many volunteers make up the pack's leadership. The official leader roster is maintained by the committee chairman. However, you can find the leader roster here.

5. How do I find out where help is needed? I want to help.

Contact the Committee Chairman from the leadership document. As an entirely volunteer organization, we can always use help. Please don't be afraid to ask questions or get involved.

6. Where can I find the entire pack's scout roster?

While we do make the leadership roster available to members of the pack (i.e. those with member access), the scout roster is kept under lock and key. If you need to contact a specific person, contact your Den leader.

7. How much does it cost to put my child in Scouts?

Wow, great question and one that many new parents have. Let's go ahead and break this down for one year in Pack 516.

Required costs:

  • Pack dues were $85 for 2014-2015, which covers: many Pack/Den activity costs, awards earned (loops/pins/patches, etc.), and Boy Scouts of America registration annual dues. The Pack dues may change each year based on the unit's available funds and budget. Our unit recharters in February. If you join at any other time, you'll pay a prorated amount as dictated by the Treasurer. For current members, dues collection typically begins in November. A BSA sponsorship is possible based on hardship needs for specific cases (talk to the Committee Chairman).
  • Scout uniform (one-time cost). Different uniforms are available based on the materials and breathability. Costs range approximately from $30 - $60. Pack 516 has a Scout closet with used uniforms and other Scout gear that prior owners have passed along. At grade 4, new Webelos may change to Boy Scout (tan) uniforms, which means additional cost.
  • Base set of patches for uniform (one-time cost). The Scout shop will help you locate all the necessary patches for a new uniform. Approximate cost is $15 - $20
OPTIONAL costs based on the Program Year (Aug - July):

  • Hawaiian Falls: $14/ticket; $20 includes ticket/lunch/patch
  • Northern Trail To Adventure (District Camp): $20/Scout; $15 adult or sibling; includes lunch; Pack provides dinner
  • Fall Parent n Pal (Council Camp): $60/person; all meals included
  • Fall Pack Campout (Unit Camp): $20/family + $5 state park entrance fee/adult; Pack provides cracker barrel evening snacks + Sat dinner
  • Spring Trip: Historically $45 - $110 based on activity/destination
  • Spring Parent n Pal (Council Camp): $60/person; all meals included
  • Spring Pack Campout (Unit Camp): $20/family + $5 state park entrance fee/adult; Pack provides cracker barrel evening snacks + Sat dinner
  • Twilight Camp (District Camp): $55 for 2nd+ grader or $30 for 1st grader; $10/adult
  • Cub Mobile Derby (District event): Free so far
  • Awards/Achievements/Patches: Included in Pack dues

Other random costs throughout the year:

  • Class B (activity) T-shirt: $5/person
  • Basic camping gear (tent, sleeping bags, stove, etc): Cost is based on your choices. However, ask around and you'll find someone to borrow from. Dens share campsites so there is sharing of non-personal gear like cooking equipment.
  • Optional Pack meeting snack bar: $1/food item usually.
  • External Den activities: Costs vary. Tigers have go-see-it's throughout the year. Some involve costs.
  • Pinewood Derby: The Pack supplies the derby kit. Some cost for supplies ($10). Workshops help to reduce unnecessary costs. The potential exists to go crazy on buying tools and special weights, add-ons, etc., but that's up to you.
  • Training: Most adult training is free or minimal. The Pack reimburses for most training. For adult Wood Badge training, the Pack reimburses half the registration fee depending on available funds. Questions? Contact the Pack Trainer.
  • Gas to and from camp events. Many camp destinations are 1.5 to 2 hours away.
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